TS4 Rebels

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Direct link to our Notion.

The Vault

⚠️ Attention! ⚠️ API requests are limited, so if you get an error, try again later or tomorrow. Don't send emails about it!

It's going to be like this for a while, so please be considerate and use responsibly.

Other Useful Links


Anadius' official website — the only one.

Bepis' Browser Gallery

Browser version of The Sims 4 in-game gallery that allows you to download household and lot tray files. No account required. New lots and households added regularly.


Do you accept requests?

Not right now.

Can I download the entire Vault or an entire folder?

No, you have to download the files one by one.

I want to donate.

First of all, thank you!

You may upload the file(s) to a host of your choice and then email us the links to: ts4rebels@pm.me

If possible, also send us the preview images. Naturally, people want to know what they're downloading.

However, please keep in mind that we don't know everything about all the CC in existence. The more information you provide us, the better.

The Vault won't load or scroll past X folder.

This sounds like a JavaScript issue. Please make sure it's enabled on your browser.

The download speed is slow.

We're sorry to hear that, but this is a problem on your end. This could be caused by your antivirus or VPN. You could also try rebooting your router.

When do you update?

We don't have a schedule.