TS4 Rebels

Gallery Downloader:

    Bepis has made a browser version of the in-game gallery available that allows you to download household and lot tray files. No account required, new lots and households added regularly.

  • Gallery Downloader Link

It's asking me for a password!

The password is TS4Rebels, and it's on the main page of Google Sheets.

The file ends in .001, .002, etc., and I don't know how to open it / it's corrupted.

The .001 file is one part of a larger archive. Each part of a split archive is given an ascending number extension, which are .002, .003, etc. We split large files (mostly builds) so they are easier to download.

To Open:

1. Place all the files in the same folder.

2. Right-click the file with the .001 extension and then select your extraction program (7zip, WinRar, etc) from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Extract when prompted and select a destination folder.

The host says the file has been deleted for inactivity or gives me a 404.

We're aware, so there's no need to report this kind of error back to us. We're in the process of re-uploading and adding alternative links to these broken links.

This new host has lots of ads and/or I don't get a download link!

The new host has ads that can send you to another ad page, so we highly recommend installing an ad block like uBlock Origin to be on the safe side and avoid redirects.

I get and error on Letsupload saying the connection has timed out and/or the server is down. What should I do?

LetsUpload has many issues with its servers. It's a free host after all. While not all files are affected by this type of error, it does happen quite often. It usually takes a few days for them to fix it, so please be patient.

I get an error saying "Unable to connect"!

Exchange the localhost for a sia portal, like the image bellow.

In case you tried the solutions above and still didn't fix your problem, you can report broken links here: TS4 Link Status

You can help becoming a donor

We cannot do this without the help of generous donors. If you would like to help donating files, please get in touch with us on Twitter via DM. We're also on F95.

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